Hello, weary internet surfer. Welcome  to ThunderSmash. The storm clouds of excitement are brewing in this place and you’re just in time for a pop culture monsoon.  Here you may delve into a world of nerd culture that one may describe as nitty or perhaps even gritty. We have a vision for this humble dot com. Perhaps it will one day be a place to find interesting art, articles and media, all centered around nerdom. Oh, what’s that? It looks as though it has already begun. Here, it is dangerous to go alone. Take this mystical hyperlink to begin your journey into ThunderSmash!

Your Hosts



The brown one. He’s a vibrant soul with a knack for talking non-stop about anything having to do with Lord of the Rings. If you give him an RPG, he’ll play it. If you give him a sci-fi movie, he’ll watch it. If you give him a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie, he’ll eat it with a tinge of regret. If you find him gregarious, that’s because he is. If you find him irritating, that’s because there’s something wrong with you.



A good egg to say the least. He’ll try anything once. Unless he doesn’t want to! As a man with a nuanced opinion, Joe believes all ideas are valid, even the ones that are stupid and wrong. He’ll hear you out and he’s not above being convinced of a new idea… and of you think not then you’re mistaken. His alignment is neutral good and he has advantage on all nonsense ability checks. Team Marvel. Team Captain America. Team Jacob. Team Chocolate Chip.